Business Meetings - define the nature of the meeting and we'll take care of the rest: if you require privacy the gallery is available for seating separately from the rest of the restaurant; for celebrating a special occasion we'll provide a birthday cake or other surprises; for entertaining guests from abroad we have an authentic Israeli menu and seating by the window in full view of the amazing surrounding scenary.

Business Events - board meetings, staff social bonding events, presentations for clients and more…
The menu will be suited to your needs, budget, event and time of day.

The atmosphere will be created according to your specifications.

Tactical appliances will be provided according to your needs, including projection and sound systems.

Business Lunch - with or without a guest, our midweek lunch menu is especially worthwhile, featuring all our excellent flavors and including a first course, main course, soft drink and hot drink.

And most importantly… the personal attention - we value our business club members and make sure you know it, with special benefits only you enjoy. You also get priority in table reservation during the weekend.
From now on call 054-7744731 for business club members only, for a speedy reply in any matter.